What Clay Can You Bake in An Oven?

Without the help of a kiln, clay baking is possible nowadays. And it’s a very simple and amicable process. But every type of Clay doesn’t change in a modified clay or pot after bake. So it’s essential to know the clay name or its characteristics if you are interested in building your clay design. In … Read More

Do You Know What Happens If You Overcook Eggs?

what happens if you overcook eggs

All of us have come across over boiled eggs gone spoiled. Ever we think, what happens if over-cook eggs? Knowingly, sometimes we boil eggs for hours let them go rubbery. To cook eggs is of three stages, soft boiled, medium and hard-boiled eggs. Eggs require three and a half minutes get cooked. Soft boiled white … Read More

Wish I had Known: Why Does Milk Curdle When Heated?

Why Does Milk Curdle When Heated

Are you sick of curdled milk? Curdled milk spoils the taste of top soups and sauces. Lump formation spoils the textures of your dish. It is not recommended to consume curdled milk as it can create health issues. There are multiple ways to eliminate the milk curdling. So, if you pay proper attention, then diary … Read More

No One Will Tell You – Is A Spoonful of Sugar A Mixture?

Is a spoonful of sugar a mixture

SUGAR, is a mixture or compound? Lots of people have a common confusion on this matter. What is a mixture, and what is the differentiation between mixture and compound. We have given brief information here on this topic that will allow you to make understand the difference between compound and mixture easily. Is a spoonful … Read More

How Long To Deep Fry A 20 Pound Turkey?

Have you been to the kitchen to cook a turkey? Turkey is cooked as a whole or as part during which the temperature role throughout the process. Home-made recipe to cook turkeys does exemplify role. The dish is tastier and suits for thanksgiving party, family dining etc. However restaurant-based recipe completely differs with the seasoning, … Read More